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There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people - H. Zinn
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Gillibrand is a smart and gutsy politician, who I believe has a long future in progressive politics. Her departure…
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From @SupremeRichards
@rtraister Yep and let’s not forget she was the ONLY senator to vote against every single Trump cabinet pick, which in my book is
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From @EnoughofYou
@rtraister @HeerJeet She can replace Schumer as the @SenateDems leader. Chuck needs to go.
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Before being appointed, she had a pro-worker immigration stance. Then, within weeks, she turned into a stock very pro-Big Biz Dem leader working to harm U.S. workers. Be a real liberal MT @SupremeRichards [she's the best] MT @rtraister Gillibrand is a smart and gutsy politician
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@EnoughofYou: what @rtraister won't tell you is Gillibrand did a 180 on immigration in just a few weeks. She was pro-worker before but a few weeks later her immigration stance would make the U.S. Chamber ecstatic: she'd give them all the cheap labor they want. Be a real liberal