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🌵Arizona Patriot Mommy☀️❤️
Constitution loving American. Don't California my Arizona! Protect the kids before furthering anyone's agenda.
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From @RedState
The National Press Club Forcefully Condemns Martha McSally, Exposes Their Own Hypocrisy In the Process
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From @Bismarkdells
@RedState When the MSM jumps the shark over a minor event with a fairly unknown Senator-you know the opponent is actually behind it.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Bismarkdells: it's hilarious to see #RedState reduced to a barely-warm Breitbart, full of clickbait & sub-Hannity cries of "hypocrisy!" P.S. I was banned by them after ~75 posts (not just comments) for opposing their idol GWB's amnesty: