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Emma Kennedy
Author of 10 books. Screenwriter. Celeb Masterchef Champ. Won Mastermind. Excellent at conkers. For the Lego builds go to @legowith
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From @RealAlexJones
The truth will set you free. That’s why they hate Infowars. They don’t want you to be free.
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From @EmmaKennedy
@RealAlexJones You don’t tell the truth, dickwad
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From @andyburkholder
@EmmaKennedy @RealAlexJones The big time author putting her extensive vocabulary on display. No wonder I've never heard of you.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@andyburkholder: it's incredibly easy to show that Alex Jones is worthless about several topics. Point out to the @EmmaKennedy audience (such as it is) that she can't do that. Those like her can't engage Jones & show him wrong. Instead, they're forced to try to censor him.