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Florida, USA
Conservative cracka, from the Bronx. #MolonLabe #stopcommoncore #2A #noamnesty #donaldtrump, Thank God for @donaldtrump
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From @AnnCoulter
@SenatorSessions is the only Sen we fully trust on immigration. GOP won't explain "senority" to pissed-off voters-
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From @TakeNoMoore
@AnnCoulter @DeeC748 @SenatorSessions did you see the crap Michele Bachman said? Is that true??
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From @DeeC748
@TakeNoMoore @AnnCoulter @SenatorSessions I saw some, what are you talking about?
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From @TakeNoMoore
@DeeC748 @AnnCoulter @SenatorSessions She claims the GOP will "not engage" on immigration. What about the constitution she is to uphold?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@TakeNoMoore: Coulter could have stopped amnesty but barely lifted a finger. Illegal aliens won because they don't enable do-nothings.