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Parody account. I'm not the real DL but I could be.
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From @gmacofglebe
Impressive paneling tonight on @DonLemon_CNN from @thelauracoates. When will we see your name on a ballot Laura? Well said.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@gmacofglebe: @thelauracoates gets up on her lame miniature horse & plays race card on Trump calling Omarosa a dog. In 2013, Trump compared Bill Maher to a dog. Dog references are a key part of Trump's oeuvre. Coates simply doesn't have the integrity to do basic research.
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From @mshields007 research = I also worked on Capitol Hill. Staffers do not get immun…
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From @Niplahr
@mshields007 You got OWNED in this exchange. Kudos to @DonLemon_CNN for the real-time fact check.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Niplahr: you says @mshields007 "got OWNED" in an exchange w/ Don Lemon. Such is not possible. Real OWNAGE would involve really pressing Shields on how the Wall is unimplementable, on objective facts about Trump's gross incompetence re #PuertoRico, etc. #CNN can't/won't do that.