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Shinobi Yaka
United Kingdom
Has a lot to say about Philosophy, Science and reason. If you got this far, why not take a peek at my Tube Channel below or support me on SubscribeStar.
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From @LibertarianBlue
Bokhari: 2018 Is the Year Big Tech Censors Revealed Their True Colors via @BreitbartNews
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From @YakaShinobi
@LibertarianBlue @BreitbartNews If they weren’t in Silicon Valley, they would be running a mega church somewhere, t…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Have @LibertarianBlue & other r/w grifters ever once ever scored against Jack/Zuck/etc? They have a megaphone & could do it if they were smart & sane. They're charlatans: railing against something they aren't even trying to stop. MT @YakaShinobi [Jack/Zuck/etc like Elmer Gantry]