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Varshini Prakash 🌅
Boston, MA
Co-founder, Exec. Director of @SunriseMvmt. Fighting for a #GreenNewDeal, building a mvmt to stop climate change & create jobs for all. Tweets my own.
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From @VarshPrakash
It was a disappointing wknd as @DNC leadership ignored millions of voters & shut down a #ClimateDebate. But our fi…
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From @Dallas4Bernie
@VarshPrakash @SenseOf_OUTRAGE @DNC @sunrisemvmt I find it interesting how morally bankrupt, corrupt politicians al…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Dallas4Bernie: the last thing @VarshPrakash & @sunrisemvmt want is a #ClimateDebate. Their push for "Climate Justice" reveals their real goal. If you really care, then demand real, open debates & reject those who use the issue to push Gramscism.