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Robert Mann
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
LSU mass comm prof; former US Senate press secretary; my new book, “Becoming Ronald Reagan: The Birth of a Conservative Icon,” will be published Oct 2019.
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.@RTMannJr: in 2016 you hyped a bogus PRRI poll. Now you hype a pro-loose borders Laura Bush OpEd. In 2004, GWB pushed an anti- & un-American plan - H1B for all types of jobs - that would have reduced U.S. wages to near world levels. As an #LSU historian did you know about it?
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63% of Republicans under 30 support giving immigrants a chance to become citizens.
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.@RTMannJr: I expected better from an LSU historian. PRRI polls are deceptive: they don't include all options. Plz stop spreading disinfo.