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Proud and professional flâneur, former restaurateur, political junkie, and New Yorker at least until we became native home of the cretin in the WH. living w MS
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From @paulkrugman
This is very good about Xi's incentives in the trade war. Standing up to Trump has several upsides that offset the…
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From @paulkrugman
Also, on the economics: Chinese dependence on exports to America is often exaggerated, and China has been expanding…
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From @c_kinbote
@paulkrugman Just like they’ve found alternative supply chains which will not be easily brought back here. We are n…
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.@c_kinbote: take what @paulkrugman says with a boulder of salt. Instead of engaging Teaparty leaders in debate about the huge flaws in their support for "free market capitalism" & thus undercutting fiscal cons forever & anon, Krugman just went full-on Garofalo like a child.