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From @yoyoel
Today we introduced some big changes to how developers get access to our APIs. We know these changes may impact the…
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From @yoyoel
We believe in the power of open access to public Twitter data, and have a long-standing tradition of supporting ind…
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From @yoyoel
We have always had clear rules on how our developer platform can be used, with the aims of preventing spam and mani…
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From @yoyoel
We’ve seen some researchers send out masses of spammy Tweets to recruit study participants, or use hundreds of API…
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From @discovertext
@yoyoel Not our users; not on our platform. Are you painting all academics with this brush?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@discovertext: #Twitter - i.e., their employees like @yoyoel - disreputably lie to millions of their users by shadowbanning their tweets. Those users think their tweets are visible but Twitter hides them. Twitter has all the moral authority of Honecker.