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Jim Lokay ๐Ÿ“บ
Washington, DC
Anchor: #FOX5DC at 5pm/10pm โ€ข Host: #FOX5LION at 7pm & #TheFinal5 at 11:30pm โ€ข Alum of @WCVB @KDKA @SPECNewsCNY โ€ข Somehow won an Emmy. โ€ข Pittsburgh native.
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From @Scott_McCrary
who wants to tell him
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From @LokayFOX5
@Scott_McCrary Probably one of those intentional errors they put out there to make it seem real and authentic.
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From @Scott_McCrary
@LokayFOX5 oh right those
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Scott_McCrary: @LokayFOX5 hypes a doltish Scott Pruitt heckler. If Lokay were a grown-up journalist, he'd use his perch to ask Pruitt tough questions about the downsides of his policies. Direct us to Lokay taking his job and citizenship seriously. #TheFinal5
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From @LokayFOX5
@24AheadDotCom_ @Scott_McCrary That escalated.