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Basement of The Kremlin
Nationalism is the new hotness. Full-time mommy, part-time salt collector. #1A #2A enthusiast. His name was #SethRich
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RT @JaynePenelope: Remember your promise @realDonaldTrump DACA is unconstitutional and needs to end.
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[Coulter RT] MT @JaynePenelope: Remember your promise Trump DACA is unconstitutional and needs to end
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.@JaynePenelope: @AnnCoulter wrote Trump's unimplementable #immigration plan, hurting him & (on an actually important note) the USA. #MAGA
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.@JaynePenelope: smart arguments'd stop amnesty by undercutting Dem leaders. @AnnCoulter lacks smarts/patriotism to get Trump to use them.