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Derrick O'Keefe
Vancouver, Canada
Socialist since way before it was cool. Earnest politics sprinkled with dad tweets and hockey punditry. Indiemedia co-founder @Ricochet_En
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Silver lining: nobody has to pay attention to your smug centrism anymore. #ElectionNight
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.@derrickokeefe: ignoring Yglesias as we all want, can you name a smart Trump opponent who has a megaphone? Someone with a smart plan?
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RT @24AheadDotCom: .@CaseyJAldridge @derrickokeefe: here's why you can't trust @VoteSawant: She's either fake or can…
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.@CaseyJAldridge @derrickokeefe: here's why you can't trust @VoteSawant: She's either fake or can't think. #Seattle
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@24AheadDotCom Sorry, @VoteSawant is on a platform of #compassion. Raising the wage & granting amnesty are compassion. I support her.