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Notorious Augusto P
Santiago, Chile
Mi General! This is a LARP. 🀣 Because that's the real #BlackPill #🚁4eva #PinochetDidNothingWrong πŸ˜€
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From @kacrary2
RT @GenAugustoP: It is doxxing. So is calling their husbands place of business, getting their family harassed, until they receive death thr…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@kacrary2 RT @GenAugustoP: you object to HuffPo going after AmyMek. Can you direct me to cons / #MAGA standing on their hind legs & pointing out to HuffPo readers how they're being misled? That happens all the time but cons are incapable of doing anything worthwhile.