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United States
Retired teacher (SPED & Culinary Arts), ex-Snow White at Disneyland (well retired), ex-librarian in Middle East, Retired adjunct prof/Social Science Research/
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From @CNNPolitics
Philip Mudd, a former CIA official, describes the death of a CIA agent memorialized on the CIA Memorial Wall
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From @donna_lovern
@CNNPolitics I think Mudd's rebuke of DJT's behavior @ CIA was spot on and very powerful. Thank You Phil. Call' like ya see 'um!!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@donna_lovern @debbyrne52: re your replies below, #PhilipMudd said today that he's more worried about where he'll get tomorrow's "latte" than #immigration. Despite it being the most fundamental domestic issue.