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15-23 Feral Stuart Hoggs.
Derivative and jejune. Ceterum censeo denlendum Racingem esse. My spirit animal is a Polikarpov I-16.
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From @willsommer
Sandy Hook families have scored another legal win against Alex Jones, with a Texas judge issuing two orders requiri…
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From @Popehat
@willsommer can he pay in Confederate dollars or QCoin
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From @Carmen50
@willsommer That’s nowhere near enough money. I want him bankrupt to the point where he doesn’t even own his underwear.
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From @Othismos
@Popehat @willsommer Boner pills ?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
In your bias you claim the populace is "uneducated", as you demonstrate. You should realize the campaign against a non-entity like Jones is part of a much more expansive push to quash dissent. As a liberal you should oppose that. MT @Carmen50 ...I want [Alex Jones] bankrupt...
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From @24aheaddotcom_
9/11 is a boon for those like Adm Poindexter (look him up). Likewise, Putin was *intentionally* a boon for anti-speech totalitarians like Ken White who want to quash dissent. Jones is just the first. MT @Othismos MT @Popehat [juvenile smear/virtue signaling against Alex Jones]