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David Ingram
San Francisco, CA
Tech reporter for @NBCNews. Ex-@Reuters. Runner. Cyclist. Bluegrass enthusiast. DMs are open. Ask for Signal if that's your thing. He/him.
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From @Hassouny
The #gilroyshooting was allegedly perpetrated by "an angry 19-year-old who had recently waded into the world of whi…
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From @bobbyobrienjuli
@Hassouny @David_Ingram @BrandyZadrozny @csiemaszko @NBCNews "He then used a slur against mixed-race people and com…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@bobbyobrienjuli: if @Hassouny & @David_Ingram were real reporters, they would've included the whole quote, and it's debatable if "mestizo" is a "slur" as they say.