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Senator Mike Crapo
Idaho & Washington, D.C.
United States Senator for the great state of Idaho.
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From @mboyle1
Crapo: Congress Must Use Power Of The Purse To Stop Executive Amnesty via @BreitbartNews
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From @NotOnThisWatch
What's to prevent @SenatorReid from filling the tree again like he on 9/18/14? @MikeCrapo @mboyle1 @BreitbartNews
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From @mboyle1
@NotOnThisWatch @SenatorReid @MikeCrapo @BreitbartNews I'm sure Dems will pull every trick possible.
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From @NotOnThisWatch
Senator @MikeCrapo, what are our options to pre-empt the procedural chess move of "filling the tree?" @mboyle1 @BreitbartNews #NoAmnesty
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@NotOnThisWatch: if mboyle & Breitbart really wanted to stop amnesty, they'd make happen. So far they've refused.