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Dave Emerich
Fresno, CA
Attorney, business person, husband, father & grandfather. 45 years of practicing law and playing at politics.
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From @HeshmatAlavi
#BREAKING "Do whatever it takes to end it," said Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. About 1,500 people were kille…
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From @DaveEmerich
@HeshmatAlavi @superbucks2050 “Crackdown on unrest.” Or, put another way, “squeezing soap bubbles.”
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@DaveEmerich: FYI, Twitter censors ~50% of the replies to Rouhani (see the easily reproducible data my pinned tweet). IOW, Twitter is greatly helping Rouhani hide from dissent. How about trying to get @HeshmatAlavi to cover that?