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Iowa, USA
I'm a woman, mom, grandma, liberal, RN, Proud Resister. No DMs. if you follow me and support trump I'm gonna wonder why.
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From @farhip
A partial list of things we’ve stopped asking about/can’t get answers to about Trump: —His tax returns. —Medical…
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From @AliciaAnnMartin
@farhip I won't stop asking. I want, deserve, to know. He's making decisions that affect my life. As such he needs to fess up or leave.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@AliciaAnnMartin: I'm curious to know how @farhip 's obsession with things about Trump that mostly don't matter impacts your life. Note that Farhi doesn't care about Trump's *plans*, just personal junk. Doing things the way he does them is the major reason Trump won. #resist