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From @hilaryr
I don't care what you say, these Balenciaga boots on @MichelleObama are #Becoming my obsession.
Trump/Pence are modern war treasonists.'s avatar
From @RobertWalter
@hilaryr @darsky @MichelleObama High fashion, ICK. A pair of Chuck’s would have been so much cooler.
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From @darsky
@RobertWalter @hilaryr @MichelleObama She’s living her best life after 8 years serving as First Lady and First Moth…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@darsky: on a serious note, on #CNN earlier @benfergusonshow admitted he supports immigration reform, aka amnesty. That makes him extremely vulnerable since most of the Trump base rejects amnesty. It's like Bernie coming out for bump stocks. @hilaryr didn't call him on it.