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Dareh Gregorian
New York, NY
Politics reporter @NBCNews Former @NYDailyNews and @nypost guy W/ opinions that are mine! E-mail:
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Let him.
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.@SnohoMo: now, @darehgregorian blogs about Tulsi Gabbard surfing. It's that type of fluff that greatly helped Trump. No one with access ever asked him any questions about the huge flaws in his ludicrous plans. He conned 10s of millions *because of* those like Dareh Gregorian.
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From @darehgregorian
Trump impeached by the House for abuse of power via @nbcnews
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@darehgregorian @maggieNYT @NBCNews Mazel tov. On to the Senate!
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.@Davidg1823: you claim to have "business acumen". Let's pretend Steyer gave you $10 mil & you had to undercut Trump to his base, with real metrics. @darehgregorian falls for Trump's trolls & won't go after Trump where he's incredibly vulnerable to MAGA Would he be a good hire?
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MSNBC announces four all-star all-female moderators for November debate - @maddow, @kwelkernbc, @mitchellreports an…
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@darehgregorian @maggieNYT @maddow @kwelkernbc @mitchellreports @AshleyRParker @NBCNews I'm good with that. candidates?
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That's certainly a step up from when those of the wrong gender asked the same incredibly weak questions that didn't put politicians on the spot. That they're the right gender makes it OK! MT @HerbSpeaks [cheers] MT @darehgregorian [all 4 MSNBC debate mods are of right gender]