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Nathan Rubbelke
St Louis, MO
Reporter, @collegefix | Jr. Bill/Billiken grad | Past: @commreview, @dcexaminer and @stlpublicradio | Bylines from 10 states | |
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.@NateRub: per "Edmund Burke Society" of #UChicago Law School, Saverin is worth more to USA than a cousin-moocher who's a good citizen & who raises other good citizens. Stand athwart #idiocracy, don't further it. Oppose mass #immigration using smart, patriotic arguments. #MAGA
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@NateRub: at #CollegeFix you blog about "Edmund Burke Society" at #UChicago Law School not being punished for "mocking" illegal #immigration like: "chain migration is only as strong as the weakest link; no engineer is worth the drag of a freeloading cousin". #MAGA = #idiocracy