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Jim VandeHei
Alexandria, VA
CEO/Co-Founder of Axios; Former Co-Founder/CEO of Politico; former White House reporter for Washington Post and Wall Street Journal; also Roll Call & New Fuels
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From @axios
Trump's campaign and key allies plan to make allegations of bias by social media platforms a core part of their 202…
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From @axios
The irony: The social platforms are created and staffed largely by liberals — but often used most effectively in po…
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From @compliancememe
@axios Not sure how that’s different than any other GOP strategy for the last 40 years, other than to include ‘social’ in the sentence.
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From @OfficialKilgore
@axios That’s not really irony. Wouldn’t that be an impetus for them to censor us? Because our message is more popular
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From @__c0vfefe__
@OfficialKilgore @axios Literally on every issue, liberals win. So no, your message is not more popular. Use DATA…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@__c0vfefe__: plus, Trump is lying to those like @OfficialKilgore. Isn't incredibly easy to see that Twitter heavily censors *all* kinds of users. See "Parscale is wrong about Twitter censorship" on Youtube for a 3 minute video showing how liberals who reply to him are censored.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@compliancememe: Twitter heavily censors all kinds of users; see the real data at my pinned tweet for stats. It takes mere minutes to verify that, but @JimVandeHei & @axios couldn't do it. All it takes is looking at a reply page & they can't figure that out. They *help* Trump.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JimVandeHei says to fight #FakeNews, reporters shouldn't be allowed to tweet their opinions, & #Twitter / FB should ramp up their censorship. Those in the first row (& probably all of them) only care about the first: