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Daniel Denvir
Providence, RI
Host Jacobin's @thedigradio podcast. Fellow @WatsonInstitute. Author of All-American Nativism from @versobooks. danielDOTdenvirGMAIL
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Surreal: major anti-immigrant organization is furious that Trump is focusing too much on The Wall at the expense of…
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@DanielDenvir @LOLGOP @NumbersUSA @YouTube Follow the money...$5.7b !
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.@daisie_blasie: @DanielDenvir says "the establishment" pushes border security to "placate nativists". In fact, they do that to get a very pro-Big Biz amnesty. Look at Trump: he pushes amnesty but uses the "wall" to distract his fans. Trump's a POS, but Danny sides with Big Biz.