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Daniel Henninger
Wonder Land columnist for The Wall Street Journal. Deputy Editorial Page Editor @WSJopinion. Fox News commentator.
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#OpinionJournal TV today: @RobertDoar on Ryan plan, @jameswpaterson on killing Aussie carbon tax, @KaminskiMK, @DanHenninger! 1pm, @WSJLive.
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.@marykissel: @KaminskiMK lied & won't correct it: Why should anyone take his Ukraine ideas seriously? #WSJ #tcot
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@24AheadDotCom aww, you remembered
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.@KaminskiMK: you used If you think @carney ("Another Phony Farm Crisis") is wrong, detail it.
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.@KaminskiMK: maybe @Carney is wrong. If so, direct me to an *independent, credible* source showing spike in farm labor wages.