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Damon Martin
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SCOOP: Bernie Sanders briefed by U.S. officials that Russia is trying to help his presidential campaign…
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From @AntEvansMMA
@shaneharris @AshleyRParker @nakashimae @michaelscherer @WaPoSean Astonishingly weak response by Sanders on this vital issue. Awful.
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From @DamonMartin
@AntEvansMMA @shaneharris @AshleyRParker @nakashimae @michaelscherer @WaPoSean That’s utterly ridiculous not to men…
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.@DamonMartin: @shaneharris & other MSM toadies are too dim to understand all the reasons why Putin - a very smart, very ruthless, very rich KGB agent - might do what he does. Those dim bulbs take everything at face value. They also *help* Putin by pushing censorship.