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Christine S. Wilson
Washington, DC
Official Account of @FTC Commissioner Christine Wilson. Twitter privacy policy governs. Retweets Follows & Likes ≠ Endorsements. Likes may just be bookmarks.
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From @CSWilsonFTC
I appreciate the input I’ve received via Twitter about COPPA and the #YouTube matter. I do hope that content creat…
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From @crazy_boris
@CSWilsonFTC Hello Commissioner, I make animations on Youtube that often contain mature themes. Animation (and othe…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@crazy_boris: imagine a video "I showed the FTC wrong about #COPPA!" Wouldn't that undercut the FTC position and get lots of views? Go to an FTC event & ask them a "Socratic question" (like lawyers use). Not just your opinion or an open-ended question, but something very tough.