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Patty Parsons
Towers gal
You’re Deputy Mayor, miss mature Ohio Valley, Mother, mawmaw, baker, fibro fighter. love my kids and my grandkids. love Days and Big Brother And WSAZ News Team
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From @coratagge
Sugar... you are bout thumbtack smart... please just stop...
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From @shield142
@coratagge @PattyParsonsPat @AnnCoulter she perpetuates the stereotype of the WV redneck everytime she tweets so block her
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From @PattyParsonsPat
@shield142 @coratagge @AnnCoulter but we love trump here BECAUSE COAL
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@PattyParsonsPat: to undercut Trump & Coulter for real, just point out how fake they are. 95% of Trump's insiders are pro-amnesty.