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Conor P. Williams
District of Columbia, USA
Underslept dad, writer, absentee @FlyingLionBeer brother. Earnest. Fallible. Long on ideas, short on time.
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From @jonathanchait
Persuasive case by @ConorPWilliams that private schools opting out of AP tests are depriving public school students…
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From @MattBruenig
@jonathanchait @ConorPWilliams might want to consider the possibility that for as long as the rich have way more mo…
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.@MattBruenig: in 2015 I told you how to solve the problems you complain about: If @jonathanchait or @ConorPWilliams had just encouraged Socratic debate over policy, Trump wouldn't be president. None of you are fit, in the Darwin sense.