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@sdutIdeas editorial/opinion director • @spj_tweets president-elect • media literacy is my jam • fighting fake news is my super power • no ☕️ or🍺 since 10/7
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A computer virus affected delivery of today’s Union-Tribune and e-edition. Here’s a note with greater detail:…
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@sdut Odd how "The virus" is hyperlinked to stories about influenza and zika
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@copyedt @sdut Ha. Automatic hyperlinks are not always on point! Also we like to keep the curious who click through on their toes.
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.@SDuncovered: hey Matt, let's assume Putin wants to help Trump. Why would he try to shut @SDUT or the MSM down? Putin's smarter than you. He knows the MSM has only ever helped Trump by doing things that won't hurt him & by ignoring where he's vulnerable. Ergo...
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Why @LincolnClub of #OC isn't credible: @SDuncovered @vosdscott @@tonymanolatos @AnthonyWagnerSD @chrisjcate