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An average guy in a below-average country. CSUSB grad. Student of Communication & Politics. Film, TV, & political junkie. Views are my own.
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From @EmilyStewartM
So Bernie is a millionaire and AOC got a haircut and now Elizabeth Warren dared to ask for money for her services a…
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From @CodeNameD57
@EmilyStewartM ...(everybody in the US Senate is a millionaire & like 90% of Congress are millionaires. This should not be surprising.)
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@CodeNameD57: meanwhile, Liz Warren would transfer *billions* from U.S. workers to billionaires. She has a very pro-Big Biz immigration stance; she'd greatly increase the labor supply & thus help Big Biz lower wages. @EmilyStewartM daren't mention that; she's paid to enable it.