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Proudly working to protect and defend the safety, privacy, consumer rights, civil rights and civil liberties of all Americans. Chairman @RepJerryNadler ⚖
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From @HouseJudiciary
We are moving forward with Articles of Impeachment to urgently respond to the President’s actions, which are an imm…
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From @SingleFirLife
@HouseJudiciary @DebraMessing After the House votes to impeach DON’T SEND IT TO THE SENATE right away. Hold it for…
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From @bcScience_
@SingleFirLife @HouseJudiciary @DebraMessing @MoscowMitch I don't understand this line of thinking, the Senate can'…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
The #Trump2020 ads practically write themselves. @HouseJudiciary might as well collect a salary from Trump. Not only would they silence 10s of millions of voters, they've *never* shown Trump wrong to his base. MT @bcScience_ The "I" will be on Trump's permanent record.
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From @CLewandowski_
New website just launched to help a potential senate run. Sign up now!
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From @heathertappel
@CLewandowski_ Love that this was tweeted while @HouseJudiciary Dems thought they were intimidating you in hearings.
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From @AstridWinegar
@CLewandowski_ LET THE VETTING PROCESS BEGIN!!! (Please, New Hampshire, be sure to do some proper VETTING...)
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From @MigsyGirl
@heathertappel @CLewandowski_ @HouseJudiciary Barry Berke owned him.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
And by "VETTING", you mean dumpster diving that'll just help him. The smart way to oppose him is to ask him tough *policy* questions designed to *undercut* him to his base. Who do you want to help? MT @AstridWinegar LET THE VETTING PROCESS BEGIN!! MT @CLewandowski_ [something]
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From @24aheaddotcom_
If he "owned" him, heathertappel & all other MAGA wouldn't dare dispute it, right? They'd be too stunned. To really "own" Corey, find smart people to ask him *tough* *policy* questions on video for Youtube. MT @MigsyGirl Barry Berke owned @CLewandowski_ [at Judiciary hearing]
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From @jerri_wolf
RT @RedNationRising: The @HouseJudiciary Will Hear From Constitutional Experts Tomorrow On Obama's Unconstitutional Amnesty! #StopObamasAmn…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jerri_wolf: there's no guarantee #GOP will stop amnesty. This plan is guaranteed to work: Plz do that while waiting