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Claudia Copquin
New York, NY
Just killing time before my next life, when I'll be back here as Jon Stewart. Meanwhile I'm a self-verified writer and @LILitFest producer.
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From @adamgoldmanNYT
In late August, Esper joined Pompeo and Bolton, the national security adviser at the time, for a previously undiscl…
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From @ClaudiaCopquin
@adamgoldmanNYT I’ve asked this repeatedly and still don’t see an answer anywhere: WHY IS TRUMP’S DOMESTIC PERSONAL…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ClaudiaCopquin: I've asked this repeatedly: why aren't those like you demanding those like @adamgoldmanNYT go after Trump where he's actually vulnerable (on how his plans will fail)? Goldman admits he "briefly chased the pee tape". He *helps* Trump by ignoring where he's weak.