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Cindy Martinez
California, USA
Supporting Advocates & Action for #SaveAfterschool in overlooked vulnerable communities #CaAfterschoolWorks #CABudget #CALeg #CaliforniaForAll #CA #ASES #Equity
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From @PhilTing
As Chair of the Assembly #CaBudget Committee, I’m proud of our proposed state spending plan: increased educationa…
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From @CindyMrtnez
@PhilTing #Latinos remain disproportionately poor (making up 52.8% of poor Californians) #HigherEducation continues…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@CindyMrtnez: everyone in California is negatively impacted by mass legal/illegal immigration (everyone that is except for racial power advocates, Dem leaders, & Big Biz). Choose more racial power or a better educated populace, you can't have both.