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Never Banned from ShoppingMall
Currently reading Sinclair Lewis, Philip Roth, because they're so darned topical! Mississippi is home, as is the apparent Idiocracy.
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From @RepMattGaetz
.@RepJerryNadler was literally campaigning on impeachment before the president even made the call to Zelensky! It’…
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From @jch2407_girl
@RepMattGaetz @RepJerryNadler I can’t stand the lawlessness, whataboutism, and the lying. Your membership in the Am…
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.@jch2407_girl: Dems want to silence 10s of millions of Americans who voted for Trump & they've never once - not even about something minor - been willing or able to engage Trump on the ginormous flaws in his plans and show him wrong. Impeachment = cheating due to low-wattage.