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Ricky Davila
Los Angeles, CA
Singer. Political junkie. I Resist. My new song ‘Superhero’ is OUT NOW. You can find my music here:
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From @TheRickyDavila
There's a special place in hell for racist scum like @AnnCoulter. I reported it. Hope you will too.
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From @ChristineParini
@TheRickyDavila @AnnCoulter Done
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ChristineParini: please explain how @TheRickyDavila - a lil' fascist who wants to "report' @AnnCoulter - is different from Trump's "get 'im outta here" or far worse: those who've silenced dissent through force? Maybe try to be a real liberal, not a fake one. #TheResistance