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Bob Moore
El Paso, TX
Border journalist writing for @washingtonpost, @texasmonthly, others. Former editor @elpasotimes. Once bitten by Jeb Magruder’s dog.
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From @DrToddACurry
You are right Mr. President, when I gave a 3 year old girl my daughter's shoes because ICE released her without any…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@bobmoorenews: Trump is durak, but @DrToddACurry isn't smart enough to figure out that encouraging people to come here illegally - as GOP, Dems, Big Biz, academics, religious leaders, NGOs, etc. etc. do - increases border deaths. You & Todd have blood on your hands. #SOTU
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From @ken_halpern
@BobMooreNews @MalcolmNance You’re assuming he can ‘do the math’
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ken_halpern: really think this through. Those like @BobMooreNews send the message "come here illegally & we'll let you in". People respond to that, often with tragic consequences. Moore is a sociopath: he doesn't care that people die. He can sue me if he thinks that's wrong.
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From @BobMooreNews
Felipe, the boy who died on Christmas Eve, was in CBP custody 6 days. He had influenza B, which has a 1-4 day incub…
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From @thoughtfulwonk
@BobMooreNews @justinhendrix And then he blames her dad, “He hadnt given her water in days...” wow
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@thoughtfulwonk: if you're "thoughtful", then you should realize @BobMooreNews is in effect urging people to come here illegally. That sometimes has tragic consequences, which he tries to pawn off on others. Really think things through, don't just look at facades.