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Owen Whalen
Recent RIT college grad, mediocre fighting game player, somewhat a snob of movies. Ask me how I can help with SEO, social media marketing, AdWords, and more!
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From @atrupar
On Fox Business, Trump campaign official Lara Trump claims that "the downfall of Germany" was ..... [squints at not…
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From @cliffschecter
@atrupar @MattMurph24 Yes, definitely drawing a blank when it comes to *worse* things that have happened to Germany…
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From @owenw59
@cliffschecter @atrupar @MattMurph24 Why choose the Franco-Prussian War as an example which lead to German Unificat…
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From @cliffschecter
@owenw59 @atrupar @MattMurph24 Bc um, lotsa ppl died. Did lotsa people die from immigration to Germany, which is wh…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Mass immigration of those who don't buy in to your culture is mass suicide. @owenw59 MT @cliffschecter [read in Valley Girl accent] Bc um, lotsa ppl died [in Franco-Prussian War]. Did lotsa people die from immigration to Germany, which is where this convo began?