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Lisa B
California, USA
Pessimistic by nature but a realistic optimist at heart. Proud parent of a National Guard soldier, a teacher and an engineer-in-training.
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From @itsJeffTiedrich
the authors of the 25th Amendment anticipated a Donald Trump but they failed to anticipate a cabinet too corrupt to remove him
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From @chat_ter1
@itsJeffTiedrich I have my Spring Break this week so I have a lot of free time to just waste. But you want to know…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@chat_ter1: the Founders didn't foresee universal suffrage w an intensely dimwitted electorate that forms personality cults (GWB, Obama, Trump, etc) nor though leaders (!!) like @itsJeffTiedrich who can't even show dolts like Trump wrong but instead would use force over reason.