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Charlene Barnaba
Mom of two kids and two rescue kitties. Philly attorney. Proud to be a Democrat. My heart is in the USVI. I love Star Wars. Beginner yogi. #PeteForAmerica
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From @PeteForAmerica
“I wasn’t interested in not knowing what it was like to be in love any longer.” — @PeteButtigieg #DemDebate
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From @caribqueen_11
@PeteForAmerica @PeteButtigieg Loved this so much tonight! All of it. Pete ruled the debate!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@caribqueen_11: @PeteForAmerica is extremely pro-Big Biz on immigration. Trump is horrid & also pro-Big Biz, but Buttigieg would give U.S. Chamber, Tyson Foods, WalMart, sweatshops, exploitative growers, etc. etc. all the cheap labor they crave. Pete's no liberal. #DemDebate