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Geoffrey Colon
Seattle, WA via Brooklyn, NY
Host @DisruptiveFM podcast / Head of @MSFTAdvertising Brand Studio / Author of the Disruptive Marketing on @hcleadership
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From @fmanjoo
Worry about misinfo on FB but - it was Fox that created the stammering Pelosi vid Trump tweeted - aired a pane
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From @djgeoffe
@fmanjoo Content and Distribution. A match made in heaven for Laffer Curve demagogues.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@djgeoffe: you cheer @fmanjoo blogging "Worry About Facebook. Rip Your Hair Out in Screaming Terror About Fox News." That means you support censorship like him and, like him, aren't smart enough to figure out how to undercut Fox honorably and like a citizen.