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Jenn Budd
San Diego, CA
Former Senior Border Patrol Agent turned immigrant rights activist. I volunteer, write & make w/the blah blah. 🦋🏳️‍🌈 @SBCCoalition @DefineAmerican
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From @fams2gether
We're heartbroken that yet another child has died in government custody. This is the THIRD reported child death i…
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From @BuddJenn
@fams2gether @JessLivMo Forget shame. He should be jailed.
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.@BuddJenn: @fams2gether is a Big Biz-funded group that has the goal of increasing #immigration (legal & illegal). More illegal immigration = more border deaths, more $ for smugglers, more braindrain, worse conditions in MX... Their real goal is to lower wages, the rest, well...