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theatre. food. tv. snark. I love @Lifetimetv movies more than I like most people.
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BREAKING: Jury deadlocks in case of border activist in Arizona who was charged with conspiracy to transport migrant…
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@AP So what you’re saying is that in 2019 some people on the jury wanted to vote yes on sending a man to prison for…
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.@Anakela21 @rustoleumlove: Scott Warren wasn't just giving people water, he & @NoMoreDeaths encourage people to cross a dangerous desert. They should instead do everything they can do keep people from crossing the desert. Is that what they're doing, or the opposite?
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From @bittingmidget
@24AheadDotCom_ @Anakela21 @rustoleumlove @NoMoreDeaths No, it's not encouraging. It started because of the deaths…
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.@bittingmidget: if you thought there were water stations along the way, you'd be more like to hike across a desert than if you knew you wouldn't find water. NoMoreDeaths gives people a false sense of security. Esp those from parts of MX/Cent Am that don't have deserts.