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Brooke Binkowski
Chaotic good lovable rogue. Retweets mean I'm in front of your house in an unmarked vehicle. Managing editor @erumors.
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From @sonam_sheth
NEW: People around Trump are worried about his mental state this week. One former WH official says "no one knows wh…
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From @mroller17u
@sonam_sheth He’s been unstable for YEARS !! It was inevitable. His age, poor health, dementia, increased scrutiny,…
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From @brooklynmarie
@sonam_sheth lol welcome to the party, boys
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Indeed, Trump was unstable for years before he won, when he won, & when he'll win again. Keep on expecting a different result. MT @mroller17u [Trump's] been unstable for YEARS !! [smears] MT @sonam_sheth People around Trump are worried about his mental state this week [smears]
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@brooklynmarie: duty2warn etc have been smearing Trump in the same way as @sonam_sheth does for years. How's it worked out? Trump fans have legit concerns; instead of addressing those using smart arguments, those like Sonam just try to silence Trump & his fans. Doesn't work.