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Face the facts. Then act. --Quellcrist Falconer. RTs are not endorsements. Proudly blocked by @pmarca AND @joanwalsh AND @jayrosen_nyu
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From @ClareMalone
I wrote about Lis Smith, the woman who helped create the "Mayor Pete" national brand—and who's a fascinating charac…
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From @roots4bernie
@ClareMalone WARNING: Nominating the following is political suicide. #JoeBiden can't beat Trump on CORRUPTION & B…
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From @thehuntinghouse
@ClareMalone @brianstelter I’m surprised you don’t mention Smith’s work for New York’s “Independent Democratic Conf…
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From @berkfran
@roots4bernie @ClareMalone Ok Berner. Biden wasn't POTUS so he didn't deport anyone. Warren is from OK and put hers…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Malone/Nuzzi/etc/etc are why Trump won. He proposed truly wacky ideas but they never called him on it, blogging the spectacle instead. Point out to their fans they aren't journalists. MT @thehuntinghouse [not a Pete fan] MT @ClareMalone [blogs about which snacks Mayor Pete eats]
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Bernie realizes loose borders is a Big Biz/Koch scam to lower wages (his Ezra/Vox interview). Both times Bernie's run, he's pushed loose borders. MT @berkfran MT @roots4bernie #JoeBiden can't beat Trump on CORRUPTION & BOTH deported MILLIONS OF LATINOS...