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Collin Rees
Washington, DC
Campaigner w/ @PriceofOil & @OilChangeUS. Human rights. Climate & racial justice. Mischief w/ @350_DC @DivestHarvard @SustainUS @SunriseMvmt for a better world.
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From @HeinerSalomon
@collinrees @Shell @BP_plc @Chevron Activism works. So act!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@HeinerSalomon: you & @collinrees hype "activists" "disrupt[ing] & walk[ing] out of #COP25 panel". The smart alternative is to act like grown-ups & engage opponents in debate at such events. Instead, you two hype low-watt, childish stunts that'll have zero impact.
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From @AnamRathor
@collinrees @Shell @BP_plc @Chevron Why were they even able to hold a side event?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@AnamRathor: the smart, grown-up alternative to disrupting #COP25 is to choose the smartest person & have them engage Shell leaders in debate. If they win, Shell loses big. So, why is @collinrees hyping intensely dim, childish stunts that will have zero long-term impact?
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From @collinrees
BREAKING: Dozens of activists just disrupted & walked out of #COP25 panel featuring @Shell @BP_plc @Chevron. We’re…
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From @Climatepledgeco
@collinrees @CJAOurPower @Shell @BP_plc @Chevron Ties vs. backpacks! This video suggests we could just remove anyo…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
After them the intelligentsia! MT @Climatepledgeco Ties vs. backpacks! This video [of childish activists at a Shell meeting] suggests we could just remove anyone with a tie from power and replace them with someone who carries a backpack and things might turn out alright. :D
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From @citizenstrade
RT @collinrees: More than 2 MILLION signatures being delivered to Congress - it's time to #StopFastTrack.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@citizenstrade: there's a smart way to #StopFastTrack: by discrediting a mayor who supports it. Can you help organize that? #TPP