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Brent Wilson
Family. Freedom. Have Belief in something. Small government. Bourbon. Death Metal- (includes all sub-genres). #TaxationIsTheft Coffee! #Covfefe #BillWeld2020
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From @GovBillWeld
In Baltimore, a city he called “a disgusting, rat & rodent infested mess,” Donald Trump announced: “Whether you lik…
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From @ProfessorLou1
@GovBillWeld @Brent4thirdvoic @realDonaldTrump Challenge his manhood. Tell him if he's not afraid of the challenge…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Even better: an eating contest! #idiocracy MT @ProfessorLou1 [to GovBillWeld whine] Challenge [Trump's] manhood. Tell him if he's not afraid of the challenge for the nomination he should demand the States hold their primaries. But he won't do it because he's not a man.