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sometimes i write things. i'm not cool
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From @BernieSanders
This campaign is about talking about the issues we are fighting for. I condemn bullying and harassment of any kind…
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From @bourgeoisalien
@BernieSanders I would like to see centrists call out the abuse your supporters have endured since 2015.
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From @SalamMorcos
@bourgeoisalien @BernieSanders Not going to happen, but that's not the point. He is doing his part and will be able…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Scientologists etc can be respectful too. What would really help is if Bernie would push Socratic questioning. That would've stopped Trump & it's ensure the best candidate now. Is he pushing that? MT @SalamMorcos MT @BernieSanders [engage opponents respectfully, unlike before]