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Flyover Country
christian, thinker, INTJ/E5soc, MAGA, WG1WGA, Jefferson libertarian, health freedom, anti-collectivist, quasi-georgist, crypto coins, stock market timer
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Because #immigration & trade are unimportant, or what? MT @donaldpirl RT @Wh1skii: [election's] now referendum on corruption & establishment
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.@donaldpirl @Wh1skii: Trump won't use anti-American DREAMAct against Hillary & @ScottAdamsSays won't urge him to do it. That make sense?
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RT @SoCal4Trump: I seriously LOVE the way @realDonaldTrump talks about the socialist / communist @BernieSanders. LOL! #Trump2016 https://t.…
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.@donaldpirl @SoCal4Trump: Trump wasn't smart or patriotic enough to undercut Sanders & BLM: #Trump2016